techNACITY: The Who

My name is Dan. I'm a Brazilian Jiu JItsu Brown belt (Renzo Gracie Halifax) from Nova Scotia, Canada. I discovered BJJ almost a decade ago and I am sure God used it to save my life! Back then, my mental health and addictions were a major issue. BJJ has helped me immensely to overcome - or at least manage - my issues. BJJ builds confidence. I have made healthy and lasting friendships with teammates, and all of that stress and racing mind melts away when my mind and body begin to flow on the mats!   

Years ago, as I was learning how to compete I quickly realized that perfect technique in a class setting was not enough. I needed the heart to execute technique yet the anxiety and adrenaline dumps were extreme. I forced myself to compete in as many local tournaments as possible (competing with my peers is more nerve wrecking for me in some ways...). Eventually I learned to control my nerves enough to refuse to quit.... and even win! I discovered the collaboration of technique and tenacity: techNACITY was born. 

For years techNACITY was just an idea I played with. I was too afraid - too mentally and financially insecure -  to launch techNACITY. Everything changed for me in September 2015 and then again in March 2016.  These events led me to launch techNACITY. techNACITY will always live as long as I do. If I only sell one t-shirt this year so be it...I wont quit this time.

If you are interested in techNACITY or have any questions, I would love to talk. Thanks for reading!



                      Me (in the Blue) vs. Nicolas Michael 2015 (PS: he won....)