techNACITY: meaning

  • technique / tecnica (Portuguese) : A way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or scientific procedure; the implication of knowledge and principles. (Oxford)

  • TENACITY / TENACIDADE (Portuguese); TENAZ (adj): Firm grips; The Quality of a determined Existence. (Oxford)


  • techNACITY / tecNAZ:  The Art of Existence; Skill n' Will; Persistent performance of a scientific procedure or artistic work; Science of Skill and the Defiance of Will 

technique and TENACITY (Skill N Will): What more is necessary? Seriously, who can add or take away from a word respresentative of a perfect state of mind and body?  Even the most technical athlete is irrelevant without heart. Yet heart alone is ineffective. Nuf said.