techNACITY: Our Community, Our Product



I love Brazilian Jiiu Jitsu: I also love getting what I pay for when I buy BJJ and MMA apparel. Quality costs money. I purchase from a highly established Chinese manufacturer. Their quality control system is exceptional (ISO /SGS cert.). Their employees are paid well. Their factories meet international environmental legislation.  

Our BJJ gi's are produced with every apect of quality in mind!  Cotton quality, Weave and fabric quality, stitching, embroidery, reinforcements, design elements and the cut of the gi ensure our gi's will fit right, work right, and treat you right for a long, long time! 

I buy and produce locally as much as possible (Canada and USA). Yet, when it comes to gi making we simply do not have the technology or opportunity in Nova Scotia or Canada / USA to compete in the global 'Gi' economy. I'd buy local if local existed! Overseas is the only option (That said, lets hear it for Origin



We are a small new company with limited resources. However, our involvement in the community is a central focus. Recently, techNACITY hosted the first Annual Mind Games: Stigma Submission Fire Gappling Challenge. In our small hometown we managed to raise close to $4000.00 for a local youth drop-in centre (Slate Youth Centre). We are very thankful to have partnered with local businesses that donated to the cause.  I have been very impressed with the generosity of specific BJJ companies, clubs, and individuals over the years. I hope to use techNACITY to help our community grow by giving back as much as possible! Although you will see techNACITY on many world champions, you will see a lot more tecNAZ gi's on ordinary people making their community a better place. Thanks to all who care! 

Pic'd with some awesome volunteers and staff at the Slate Youth Centre: Providing a safe/fun place for teens! 

As always, we appreciate your time, Look around. BUY SOMETHING and be happy!

Dan Vanderlans